Jana was adopted in July 2023.

Taking care of Jana became a shared responsibility, teaching the family about empathy and routine. From feeding her in the mornings to weekly bath time filled with bubbles, every task turned into a fun family event. Jana's walks, both in the early morning and late afternoon, became moments to cherish. The family discovered the beauty of nature and the joy of a brisk stroll together. Daily belly rubs and playful moments with various toys added an extra layer of happiness to their days.

Of course, there were challenges, like Jana's barking at delivery riders which results to her excessive nosebleed. But with patience and teamwork, the family helped Jana learn when to bark and when to stay quiet, making everyone's lives a bit more peaceful.

Treating Jana as part of the family revealed the magic of simple joys. The wag of her tail, the warmth of her presence, and the shared laughter during playtime made us appreciate the small, beautiful moments in life.

Jana's first Christmas in a home.
Jana with her fur parent.