MeiMei was rescued by an MMDA sweeper near EDSA Santolanround May 2022. The sweeper asked for the aid of CARA to have her spayed and checked for any health issues. Upon meeting her, we discovered that she was very friendly and affectionate. She had taken a habit of sticking her tongue out to let people know she wanted to lick their hand, and this usually meant that she was trying to make friends with them.

She’s a very cheerful dog who loves jumping and running around. There were some inquiries about her over the course of her stay, but no one actually went through the adoption process. That was until we received an email from a family expressing interest in adopting her.

They scheduled a visit to meet her and instantly loved her. It took a while for them to take her home because they had to process her registration in their condo, but when they were finally able to, she had completely adjusted overnight. It was as if she had been a part of them all her life. She is now living with her forever family where she receives all the love and attention she deserves.