Jonathan was rescued in June 2022 from a golf course in Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong after the property's management released an order for all cats to be removed from the vicinity. Jonathan was the only cat who was able to escape the round-up and stay in the area. He was then brought to CARA where he was monitored for any health issues, and assessed to see if he was fit for adoption.

During his stay at CARA, we had learned that Jonathan was a very sweet and affectionate cat, loving pets and cuddles from the people around him. He’s always been friendly since he first came, and we figured anyone who wanted to adopt him would love him.

In September 2022, we received an adoption inquiry. After she visited and met Jonathan, she fell in love with him and asked if she could take him home instead. She went through the process to adopt Jonathan and they bonded quickly.

When the adopter finally took Jonathan home, he immediately adjusted and grew even closer to her. He enjoyed naps, food, toys, even clothes! Now he is living his best life in his forever home with his recently adopted sister, Spam.