This is the story of our beloved two year old dog "Lucky" and how we were blessed with our newest member of our extended family!

We were out looking for another Laguna pitbull to adopt after our beloved and ever loyal dog "Cinnamon" passed away peacefully during her sleep due to old age.

We saw a beautiful Laguna pitbull but another "pawrent" beat us to her. After Cinnamon's loss, we decided to shortlist three (3) young "aspins" available for adoption at Cara Philippines.

We sent the adoption request and scheduled the usual acquaintance and petting visits. 

"Lucky" was initially reserved. He would let his friend get all the treats without even one whimper. Later on, when it was his turn, he would take his favorite Pedigree treat from our hands. 

When we earned dog Lucky's trust, he would allow us to take him out for a walk around the block. This we would routinely do for a couple of more weeks so he will become familiar with us!

Lucky was such a very nice, good looking and friendly dog with a very good disposition and attitude. That's why on our second visit, we decided to adopt dog "Lucky". We were interviewed by Ma'm Nancy herself, the President of Cara Philippines.

Hence, after waiting for a week, we felt lucky and blessed when we learned that our adoption request was approved! We were also very elated to find out the birthing story of young dog "Lucky" and how lucky indeed he was from Ma'm Nancy herself!

Dog Lucky's mom was a Belgian Malinois, hence at two years of age, Lucky was already big! Lucky's mom was abandoned by her former owners at Bonifacio Global City. Later on, she would give birth to "Lucky" in the streets. As a BGC resident, they became a familiar sight to Ma'm Nancy.

Because of their pedigree, Lucky and her mom were being harassed and chased in the streets by people wanting to catch and bring them home. But Lucky's mom is fiercely protective and intelligent! She would always evade them.

One day, playful "Lucky" would stumble inside a deep drainage pit. Somehow, by a lucky stroke of chance came the Makati Fire Dept., alerted by Cara Philippines and Ma'm Nancy to the rescue! That's why Lucky became the favorite poster dog of Ma'm Nancy!

That was how dog "Lucky" came to be named "Lucky". Today, Lucky is well liked by our other pet dogs, cats and a tortoise. He even shares and allows our youngest cat inside his dog house. Just like dog "Cinnamon" when she was alive.

She is fiercely protective of us when unfamiliar faces approach our gate. Hence, we feel very lucky and blessed indeed to have him into our own extended family. He freely patrols our yard in the morning and in the afternoon after our long daily neighborhood walks.

Somehow we felt that the spirit of our former dog Cinnamon lives on in him! Nowadays, he is very playful while out in our yard! Hopefully, he will grow old with us and continue to bring joy to our lives! That's the story of dog "Lucky".

Thanks and regards to Cara Philippines staff and to Ma'm Nancy for caring, bringing and entrusting Lucky to us! 

Special thanks goes to Pedigree Philippines for continuing to support dog and cat adoption in the Philippines by donating pet food supplies and packs!

Lucky with his adopter
Lucky at his forever home