YUKI the amputated dog



It’s been 3 days when his case was posted on social media, but no one stepped up to help. He has an injured food, a part of if is hanging by the bone and looks like it’s gonna fall off anytime.

He is a very tiny puppy with bad skin but very sociable and playful despite the obvious discomfort. when AKF VOLUNTEERS rescued him immediately bring to the vets for assessment and undergo with surgery for amputation.

weeks a go we transfer YUKI to the rescue center for monitoring and recovery and he is undergo with REHABILITATION efforts at the shelter .Yuki is the sweetest among the pack at their kennel he always wanted to have belly rub ,playmates and RUN yes even he is amputated dogs he loves to run at the camp grounds .

after rehabilitation efforts of YUKI he is ready to be rehome and finally the day is come for yuki he is one of the adoptable from our ADOPTION DRIVE ,luckily YUKi has choose  from this loving family SANTOS from tarlac city .even yuki is amputated dog they choose him over the 10 dogs on that day we are very happy for this good news finally our YUKI found his furever family.


Lucky Yuki